Panama Yacht Club was chartered in 2000 and has been committed to excellence in all aspects ever since. Good manners and good behavior are two of the fundamental pillars that Panama Yacht Club stands by, and all members enjoy upholding these pillars as well. Experience what makes us so unique.

All About Us

The history of Panama Yacht Club is a legacy of duty to all our members — past, present and future. The unique environment and stunning setting have been at the heart of our club since 2015. Panana has many country clubs, but the Panama Yacht Club experience offers much more, and is truly one of a kind.


Wine Tasting

July 25, 2025

All-day Aerobics

July 25, 2025

Sunday Brunch

July 25, 2025


Contact Us

Please be in touch with any questions about upcoming events, membership rates or club facilities.


Naos Harbour Island, Amador, Panama City - Panama

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